Plan a picturesque vacation through the Golden Chariot Route

Everyone is leading extremely hectic lives. A small break or any festival holiday calls for a trip away from the bustling crowd of the city. If you are seeking the same and want to spend some days amidst picturesque beaches, lovely backwaters, fascinating historical sites, and lush highlands, South India is the right place for you. 

The perfect way to explore the beauty of South India is on the Golden Chariot train. On a fascinating journey across South India, the Golden Chariot Route passes both undiscovered gems and well-known tourist destinations. It promises to make your vacation memorable for years to come.

Overview of the Golden Chariot Train Route

The Golden Chariot Train route is carefully planned to cover all the major sightseeing locales spanning South India. The Golden Chariot Train was designed to promote South India Tourism. The Golden Chariot route starts from Bengaluru to Goa and covers the mysterious lands of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Goa. 

It is tough to select just a few places to visit in the south of India. It is because there is so much to explore and do. This is why The Golden Chariot Train offers a few breathtaking packages. From architectural wonders like the Mysore Palace to old historical ruins in Hampi, from the charming churches in North Goa to the enormous palaces in Chettinad; the Golden Chariot Train route covers everything. Some of the major attractions are the Kumarakom cruise in Kerala and the Bandipur National Park game drive.

You can participate in one or more of these great activities, depending on your travel plans. A detailed outline of the individual packages with the respective route map and duration is provided below.

The Golden Chariot route with respective packages

It is important to know the Golden Chariot Train Route and Fares to plan the ideal holiday.

The three curated itineraries are -

  1. Pride of Karnataka 
  2. Glimpses of Karnataka
  3. Jewels of South

The Golden Chariot Route package-wise details

A quick overview of the packages for the year 2023-24 and 2024-25 is presented in the chart below -




Pride of Karnataka

Five nights, Six days

Starting from Bengaluru it travels back to Bengaluru with stops at Nanjangud, Mysore, Halebidu, Chikmagalur, Hospet, and Goa

Jewels of South

Five nights, Six days

Starts from Bengaluru and travels through Mysore, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur, Chettinad/Karaikudi, Cochin, Chertala/Mararikulam, and back to Bengaluru

Glimpses of Karnataka

Three nights, Four days

It starts and ends in Bengaluru and includes Nanjangud, Mysore, and Hospet 


What the Golden Chariot entails?

The Golden Chariot is a tribute to the bygone era of travel. The Golden Chariot route is for travelers who want to experience unfettered luxury and create lifelong memories. It determines personalized service, a clear itinerary, and attention to detail.

The finest part of taking this lavish train is that, once you are on board, you can stop worrying about even the smallest details. Everything from meals to tourist trips is included in the train fare. The kind and knowledgeable personnel will ensure that everything goes well and without a hitch during your trip.

A precis of the Golden Chariot itinerary 

Each handcrafted itinerary has its unique offering. Here is a small glimpse -

How to book a vacation with the Golden Chariot?

You can book through the Golden Chariot website. Here, you can see all the information about the Golden Chariot route and schedules and reserve your ideal vacation.


The Golden Chariot is all about luxurious travel and creating life-changing experiences. The Golden Chariot route has been designed to make your journey beautiful. It guarantees a peek into the mythical beauty of South India in different packages. The Golden Chariot Train is an ideal option, whether you want to have a nice weekend trip with your significant other or a leisurely holiday with your family. So visit the website, choose your package, and enjoy a few days in the lap of nature and heritage. 


The Golden Chariot is one of the top luxurious trains in India. It travels across South India and offers a blend of vanity and adventure.

Offers and discounts are time-based. You need to keep an eye on the official website Golden Chariot website to know about the latest offers.

The railway itineraries vary depending on the package, even though the Golden Chariot journey focuses on South India. All the travels begin and end in Bengaluru. However, they travel to various locations in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Kerala.

It has luxurious suites, two gourmet restaurants, a bar lounge, and a Spa cum fitness center.

The Golden Chariot offers three different journeys for seasons 2023- 2024. Each is different in duration and route.

Yes. You can book the Glimpses of Karnataka Package for weekend vacations. Visit the official Golden Chariot website for more information.